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About Us

Experienced Breeders

 We breed pedigree Kunekune pigs for sale as pets, pedigree breeding stock or for show. Kunekune pigs are a friendly intelligent animal, good natured, easy to train and are suitable as a pet to keep in a paddock, large  garden or orchard.
               They thrive in company and love attention from humans.             

               Piglets grow up into calm and happy pigs and we raise them in a healthy, loving environment. 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Kunekune pigs are easy to care for. They are a grazing pig and thrive ona diet of grass in the summer months. This can be supplmented with a small amount of pig feed in the winter months. 

We have sourced pigs from the four corners of the UK to establish a healthy, well-behaved herd of quality pigs.  

A Furever Friend

Kunekune pigs are great fun with children and the perfect animal for an aspiring farmer. Being a relaxed and easy-going pig they are keen to please their owners. These pigs love a cuddle and are great stress busters! 

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